#20DaysofGreen Challenge


Contest rules:

  1.       Participants must take a picture or shoot a video to document completion of each challenge. Important to read instructions carefully as some challenges require only a video proof. They should post their proof on Instagram, tagging @usinkz and using the hashtag #20daysofgreen.
  2.       Participants may join the contest late, but must still complete earlier challenges to be a winner.
  3.       The Instagram of the participants must be open.
  4.       Participants must submit proof of completion of all challenges by 8 pm April 21.
  5.       All participants who complete 10 challenges will get a t-shirt. Participants who complete all 20 challenges and post their concluding thoughts will receive a special prize, a certificate, and an invitation to a celebration in Astana.

Day 1.  Trash journal.

Throughout the day, make a list of all the trash you throw away, no matter how small.  At the end of the day, publish a picture of your list.

Day 2. Bring your own bag.

When you shop, bring your own shopping bag from home. Take a photo / video of yourself with your shopping bag / putting items into it.

Day 3. Buy ugly fruit

Buy imperfect looking fruits or vegetables to reduce food waste. Post a picture of your ugly fruit/vegetable or a video of buying it.

Day 4. Wash your clothes in cold water.

Wash your clothes using the cold water setting. Post a video of your washing machine / your laundry.

Day 5. Work of Art.

Make a work of art or something useful out of materials you would otherwise throw away. Give it to someone you love (or a complete stranger!) An example:  the Tetra Pak Coin Purse https://www.cutoutandkeep.net/projects/milk-carton-coin-purse

Post a picture or video of your creation.

Day 6. Meatless Monday.

Don’t eat meat for a day. Post pictures (or a single photo collage) of your meat-free meals.

Day 7. Be aware of vampires.

Unplug unused appliances before leaving the house and post a video. Taking the extra effort to shut off your computer at the end of the day can help save energy. Toasters, coffee makers, microwaves, lamps, phone chargers, game systems—the list goes on and on.

Day 8. Lights out dinner.

Take a video while eating a dinner without any electric lights on.

Day 9. Knowledge is power.

Watch a movie about the environment and post a review or an image from the movie. (We will share a list of movies, or you can pick your own.)

List: The 11th Hour, Before Vanishing, Clouds of Smoke, No Pressure, Before the Flood, Pandora,  An Inconvenient Truth, Crude, Elemental

Day 10. Spread the Word.  

Make a small sign (maybe on the back of a used piece of paper) to remind your colleagues or family members to turn out the lights when they leave a room. Post it by the light switch. Take a picture of your sign.

Day 11. Bring your own cup/bottle.

Fill up a reusable coffee mug or water bottle and save a disposable cup or bottle! Take a video or picture of yourself with your reusable container.

Day 12. Shorten your shower.

Set a timer for five minutes and try to finish showering within this time. Take a picture of your timer and your shower.

Day 13. Use cloth napkins.

The fiber in napkins and paper towels is often too short to be recycled, and used napkins can’t be recycled. Take a picture of yourself using a cloth napkin throughout the day.

Day 14. Skip the stream.

Turn off the water when you brush your teeth.  Take a video of yourself brushing your teeth with the (non-flowing) tap. Turning off the tap when you’re brushing saves water and energy.

Day 15. Go car-free for a day.

For a day, travel exclusively by public transportation, biking, or walking. Post a picture of yourself and your environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

Day 16. Change a light bulb.

Replace an old-fashioned incandescent light bulb with a new, energy-efficient LED or fluorescent light.

Day 17. Recycle!

Pick up plastic or glass bottles or aluminum cans and deposit them in a recycling container. Post a selfie with the recycling container.

Day 18. Unplug for an hour.

Turn off your TV and lights and take a 60-minute technology break. Take a stroll through the park or grab a seat on a bench with your favorite book. Take a video of your tech-free hour.

Day 19. Pack a waste-free lunch.  

Bring your lunch in a reusable container and eat it with reusable utensils. Take a picture or video of your waste-free lunch.

Day 20. Buy used.

Instead of buying something new (clothing, an appliance, a book) buy it used from a secondhand store or a friend or neighbor. Take a photo or video of yourself with your new-to-you item.

Day 21. Congratulations! Count up the number of challenges you completed and post a celebration selfie along with what you learned from the #20daysofgreen challenge!