“Getting an education in the USA has always been my dream”: Assem Izmukhanova about the Fulbright FLTA program

“Getting an education in the USA has always been my dream”: Assem Izmukhanova about the Fulbright FLTA program

Assem Izmukhanova – Senior Teacher of English at Almaty Management University
Program:Fulbright FLTA

Getting an education in the USA has always been my dream. I have an uncle who showed me that studying in the US is possible. By looking at him, I understood that I also can achieve this kind of success. My friends’ and relatives’ support played an essential role too. Thanks to Fulbright FLTA, I have enhanced my professionalism, found new friends, and changed my view of life. 

Before leaving Kazakhstan, I kept in touch with Madina Galieva, who is also an alumnai of the program Fulbright FLTA. When I came back from the USA, she told me about the start of the project Fulbright Rural Teaching. It aims to improve the methodological skills of English language teachers from rural area schools. We, alumni, talk about programs that allowed us to get an education in the USA and share about opportunities of a professional internship in the USA. In two years, our project covered about 107 teachers from three regions of Kazakhstan: Shymkent, Pavlodar, and Kyzylorda. We have a plethora of plans. Thus, we will work hard and create new things for our teachers.  

In the USA, we learned something new every day. I was interested in understanding foreign mentality, their way of thinking, cultural and life values. Apart from work and study at Indiana University, I went to another part of the city once a week and volunteered at a second-hand shop “My Sister’s Closet”.  

 American study is based on the sharing responsibilities. 

During the program, I was fascinated by the fact that American study is based on sharing responsibilities. The teacher equips students with resources, study materials, invites guest speakers; however, other things should be done by the student, and he shapes his academic path by himself.  

For future students, I would like to say that it is an enlightening program. You will have a chance to share your culture. For instance, teach the Kazakh language, and choose the courses that you are engaged in. If you feel that it is yours, then please, apply to this program. I have applied to it three times in a row and got enrolled only for the third time. If I had a chance to live that period again, I would go the same way without any hesitation.  


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