Ambassador Krol’s Accreditation Remarks

Ambassador Krol: Allow me to say in the beautiful Kazakh language how pleased and honored I am to be in Kazakhstan as Ambassador of the United States of America.

I appreciate this opportunity to express on behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States America’s strong friendship and support for a sovereign, independent, stable and prosperous Kazakhstan.

I hope in my time as ambassador to widen, deepen and strengthen the enduring ties between our peoples and our governments in all spheres of engagement – economic, social, political, cultural  and  in the area of  security.

I also look forward to learning more about Kazakhstan, its peoples, its history, culture, natural beauty and its great achievements and aspirations since becoming an independent sovereign state.

These are complex times for all of us.

The United States and Kazakhstan are strategic partners working together to address common challenges.

America appreciates and supports Kazakhstan’s leading efforts to develop its economy, democratize its political system, promote non-proliferation and facilitate regional as well as global peace, tolerance and stability.

I am excited to work with the people and government of Kazakhstan to pursue our common goals based on mutual interests, mutual understanding,  mutual trust and mutual respect.

Thank you for your kind attention.