Ambassador Moser’s Opening Statement at the Go Viral Festival Press Briefing

Ambassador Moser’s Opening Statement at the Go Viral Festival Press Briefing

Friday, June 14, 2019, 3:00 p.m., 3 minutes


Good afternoon and welcome.  I would like to start by sharing some details about the Go Viral Festival with you before opening it up to Q&A.


Go Viral is an annual three-day festival in Almaty sponsored by the U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Kazakhstan.  This is the third annual festival.


Go Viral is just one of the many ways that the U.S. Mission supports creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, diversifying and expanding economic opportunities for the people of Central Asia and improving the region’s connections to the global economy.


The festival features leading thinkers and innovators from the United States and Central Asia in the fields of media, culture, business and technology.  I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to interview festival speakers and performers over the next three days.


Through concurrent keynote speeches, workshops, panel discussions, and performances, festival speakers and performers share their expertise and the latest tips, trends, and tools.


The focus is on how people can successfully interact with a wider, global audience and market using new platforms and technologies.


For example, at the 2019 festival sessions will look at:

-how local innovations can go global

-how digital nomadism allows people to work from anywhere and travel the world

-how emerging trends such as podcasting are transforming the media market and

-how to use new technologies to create and to promote creative projects


Thousands of people have registered to attend the festival – many more will participate virtually.  The Main Stage will be livestreamed in three languages – English, Russian, and Kazakh – and Facebook Live sessions will feature interviews with festival speakers and performers.


Participants – who form the growing Go Viral Network across Central Asia – are entrepreneurs and innovators in media, culture, business, and technology.  They come together at the festival to network, exchange experiences, ideas, and inspiration, and use their creative energy for creating new projects together.


This year, Go Viral Network activities will expand from the annual festival to include events, workshops, meetings, and discussions across Kazakhstan and Central Asia.