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Country Reports on Terrorism 2019
June 25, 2020

Ambassador Sales: Well, I think Kazakhstan is really one of the world’s leaders in addressing one particular terrorist problem, and that is the repatriation, prosecution, and reintegration of ISIS fighters from Syria and Iraq. Kazakhstan is really leading the world by example as it has repatriated a number of its citizens, ensured that they face justice for any crimes they’ve committed, and also in the case of family members put them into sophisticated and effective rehabilitation and reintegration programs.

I was in Nur-Sultan several months ago and had the opportunity to travel to one of these rehabilitation centers where I could see firsthand the good work that Kazakhstan is doing in partnership with the United States. We hope – we expect that other countries, not just in the Central Asian region but around the world, will do a better job on this issue and follow Kazakhstan’s example.

Please see the U.S. Department of State  2019 Country Reports on Terrorism (PDF, 2MB) for more information.