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Criminal Record Check and Fingerprints

  • U.S. citizens are occasionally asked to present a criminal record check for a variety of reasons for use abroad, including adoption, employment, visa application to live and work in Kazakhstan or to obtain a Residency Permit Card, etc.  Such certifications must come from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and almost always require a fingerprint check.
  • We recommend that you obtain the criminal record check before your travel to Kazakhstan, as it may be difficult to have fingerprints taken in Kazakhstan. The U.S. Mission in Kazakhstan does not fingerprint U.S. citizens.
  • This background check must be authenticated (i.e., affixed with an apostille) by the state authorities in which the investigation was conducted. For information on official authentication, please see the Department of State website.
  • Please see the Department of State’s webpage on Criminal Records Checks and Federal Bureau of Investigation’s website for more information on obtaining FBI and local criminal records checks in the United States.