American Spaces

General Information

American Spaces are small, American-style libraries located within a local partner organization, usually a library. American Corners are true partnerships with the local organization because host institution personnel work and manage the Spaces. Access to American Spaces and their collections is free and open to all interested citizens of Kazakhstan.

Each American Spaces features an English-language collection of American fiction and reference books on U.S. government, history, and culture. Corners also provide access to information about the United States through Internet access and audio and video recordings of American films and documentaries.

American Spaces support local English instruction with an extensive collection of English teaching material that local students, teachers, and young professionals are welcome to use.

American Spaces also offer programs with visitors from the United States, who speak on a variety of topics and host a range of classes, clubs, and activities.

For more information about American Spaces in Kazakhstan please visit the American Spaces website, contact the Public Affairs Section of U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan, or contact the Corners directly using the information provided below.

Nur-Sultan American Space

Eurasian National University Library
#11 Pushkin Street, 3rd floor
Tel: + 7 (7172) 70 95 00

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Almaty American Space

280 Baizakov Street
SmArt.Point, Almaty Towers
Tel.: +7 747 442 3595

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Aktobe American Space

Aktobe Oblast Universal Scientific Library named after Baishev
MKR 11, bld. 112 E, section D
Tel.: (7132) 23-79-99

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Karaganda American Space

Karaganda Oblast Universal Scientific Library named after Gogol
44, Erubaev Street
Tel.: (7212) 49-33-75

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Kostanai American Space

Kostanai Oblast Universal Scientific Library named after Tolstoy
111, Altynsarin Street
Tel.: (7142) 50-06-90

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Pavlodar American Space

Pavlodar Oblast Universal Scientific Library named after Torajgyrov
104, Akademik Satpaev Street
Tel.: 8 (7182) 32-72-87

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Petropavlovsk American Space

North-Kazakhstan Oblast Universal Scientific Library named after Mukanov
25, Kazakhstan Constitution Avenue
Tel.: (7152) 50-02-16

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Shymkent American Space

South-Kazakhstan Oblast Universal Scientific Library named after Pushkin
13, Kazybek Biy Street
Tel.: (7252) 53-51-92

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Uralsk American Space

West Kazakhstan Oblast Library for Children and Youth named after Kh. Esenzhanov
166/2, Dostyk Ave., 2nd floor
Tel.: (7112) 50-44-19

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Ust-Kamenogorsk American Space

East Kazakhstan Regional Library named after A.S. Pushkin
102, Kazakhstan Street
Tel.: (7232) 26-13-33

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