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EnglishWithUS: Summer Vacation digital challenge

1. General rules

1.1. The following rules state the procedure and conditions for holding EnglishWithUS contest, including the terms of participation in the specified contest, the procedure for determining the winners of the Contest and the procedure for awarding prizes to the winners of the Competition.

1.2. Competition is not a lottery or a game of chance.

1.3. The Contest is being organized by the US Embassy in Kazakhstan.

1.4. The contest is held on the Internet, in the social network Instagram.com.

1.5. Based on the results of the Contest, at least 10 winners will be identified who will receive a three-month English course as a gift.

2. Terms and Conditions of the Competition

2.1. The EnglishWithUS contest from the US Embassy consists of 12 stages. At each stage of the competition, all participants will have to complete a task creatively. The main prize of the competition – a three-month course of English language training – will be presented to those participants who completed the maximum number of assignments on time.

2.2. The duration of each stage of the competition is 1 week, and accordingly the total period of the contest is 12 weeks. The competition starts at 12:00 am on June 4, 2018, and runs until 23:00 on August 26, 2018, in Astana time.

2.3. Detailed conditions of each stage of the competition will be provided in the social network Instagram on the page of the US Embassy @usinkz

2.4. Each stage of the contest starts on Mondays at 12:00 am, and ends on Sunday every week at 23:00 on the time of Astana. The results of each stage of the competition will be announced within 2 working days after the deadline for submission of responses from the participants. Tasks, submitted after 11 PM on Sundays of each competitive week will not be considered.

2.5. The results of the whole competition will be announced on August 27, 2018, and will be posted on the Instagram social network on the page of the US Embassy @usinkz.

3. Rights and Requirements to the participants of contest.

3.1. Participants of the competition must be at least 18 years old by the time when contest starts. Contest participants must be residents of Kazakhstan and can not be citizens or permanent residents of the United States.

3.2. The tasks for EbgishWithUS Summer vacation contest must be performed in the Instagram social network. During the whole period of the contest organization specified in clause 2.2 of these Rules, the page of the contest participant in the social network Instagram should be publicly available.

3.3. The materials submitted for the competition can not contain insults, sexually explicit material, images of naked bodies, curse words, graphic images of violent violence, calls for violence, commercial offers or commercial advertising.

3.4. The submitted materials must be original content created by the contest participant. They should not contain any elements protected by the copyright of the other party or otherwise subject to the effect of intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights. The organizers of the competition do not accept any use of copyrighted materials, nor do they recognize the possibility of using licensed materials created by a third party or belonging to a third party.

3.5. It is prohibited to participate in the Competition for employees and representatives of the Organizer, affiliated persons of the Organizer, family members of such employees and representatives, as well as employees and representatives of any other persons directly related to the organization or holding of this Contest.

3.6. Participants have the right:

3.6.1. To be aware of the Competition Rules

3.6.2. To take part in the Competition in a way defined by these Rules.

3.6.3.  Require the award of the prize in the event of the announcement of the Participant by the Winner of the Competition.

3.6.4. To get acquainted with the information on changes in the Rules of the Contest in the Instagram social network on the page of the US Embassy @usinkz.

3.6.5 .While performing the tasks of the contest, Kazakh, Russian or English languages can be used for posts in the social network Instagram.

3.7. The participant is solely responsible to third parties for their actions related to participation in this competition. The Participant independently and at its own expense undertakes to settle all claims of third parties, including claims of third parties to the Organizer related to participation in this competition, including in connection with the violation of the requirements of the current Rules by the participant.

4. Rights and obligations of the Organizer of the Competition

4.1. Obligations of the Organizer:

4.1.1. To conduct the Contest in accordance with these Rules of the Contest.

4.1.2. Give out prizes to the Winner of the Competition in accordance with these Rules.

4.2. Organizer’s rights:

4.2.1 4.2.1 The Organizer is not liable for non-performance or improper performance of its obligations, as well as for any direct, indirect, special losses, expenses of the Contest participants related to participation in the Competition, resulting from failures in telecommunication and energy networks, programs, deliberate harmful actions of third parties aimed at unauthorized access and / or disabling of the software and / or hardware complex, as well as with the action of force majeure circumstances. The Organizer does not compensate losses to the Contest participants in such cases.

4.2.2.  The Organizer has the right to suspend the Participant from participating in the Contest at any stage of the Contest, if there are suspicions that the Participant (or other person) has changed or attempted to change the Participant’s record or influence the results of the Contest through technical, program or other means, or by fulfillment of other actions that violate the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

4.2.3. If due to any technical or other reasons beyond the control of the Organizer, the efficiency of the social network is limited or there are suspicions of fraud during Competition, the Organizer has the right to change the timing of the Contest, including the immediate termination of the Contest.

4.2.4. The Organizer does not bear any responsibility for any damage, expenses, losses incurred by the participant due to the use of prizes and / or participation in the Competition.

4.2.5. The Organizer has the right to refuse the participant to award the prize if the Participant has provided false information about himself, or in any other way violated the rules of the Contest.

4.2.6. The Organizer has the right to refuse to give prizes to the participant who did not respond to any communication methods, notifying the participant of the competition within 24 hours.

5. Advertising

5.1. Materials submitted by participants the contest can be used by the press and the media, and the participant agrees to such use. The organizer of the competition reserves the right to publish for advertising purposes, names, surnames and images of participants on the website of the US Embassy or using other media without requesting additional agreements of the participant for it.

5.2. The remuneration to the contest participant for the actions specified in this section is not granted. Unreasonable refusal to perform the actions specified in this section may be regarded by the organizer of the competition as actions that impede the conduct of the competition.

5.3. The fact of participation in the contest implies that the participants express their absolute consent to the fact that their names, photos and video materials with their image associated with participation in the competition, as well as other materials provided for participation in the competition can be used by the organizer of the competition and its affiliated persons, as well as partners for advertising and other commercial purposes both in the territory of Kazakhstan and abroad for an unlimited period and without payment of any remuneration.

6. Prizes and Procedure for Determining the Winner of the Competition

6.1. In order to become a winner of the contest it is necessary to consistently perform each of the contest tasks starting from the first week of the contest.

6.2. All submitted materials are subject to preliminary verification by the organizers of the competition for the fulfillment of these official competition rules. Any participants who provided materials that do not comply with the rules will be eliminated.

6.3. The composition of the jury to determine the winner of the competition includes a representative of the main organizer of the competition – the US embassy and partners.

6.4. Prizes:

6.4.1. By the result of voting by the jury, 10 winners who passed all the stages of the competition and meet all the requirements of this competition will receive a certificate for a 3-month English language course.

6.4.2. Among the participants who have passed 5 stages of the competition and meet all the requirements of this competition, one winner will be determined who will receive an Iphone 8. The winner will be determined using the random.org site, a prize can be won by any participant who has completed 5 or more contest assignments as of August 26, 2018

6.4.3. At the discretion of the organizers of the contest, additional incentive prizes for participants may be provided during the competition.

6.5. According to the rules, the payment of the monetary equivalent of the value of the prizes awarded is not made.

6.6. The results of the contest will be announced live on the official page of the US Embassy @usinkz in the social network Instagram.

7. Special Conditions

7.1. Visualization of the prize may differ from their image in promotional materials.

7.2. Prizes are not issued in case of violation or other non-compliance of the Contest Participant with these Rules of the Competition.

7.3. Decisions of the Organizer on all issues related to the Competition are final and not subject to revision.

7.4. The Organizer reserves the right to post additional information about the Competition.

7.5. If for any reason, any aspect of this Contest can not be carried out as planned, including the causes caused by infection with computer viruses, Internet problems, defects, manipulations, unauthorized interference, falsification, technical malfunctions or any cause uncontrolled by the Organizer, which distorts or affects performance, security, integrity, integrity or proper conduct of the Contest, the Organizer may, at its discretion, cancel, terminate , change or suspend the holding of the Contest, or revoke the participation of any Participant in the Competition.

7.6. All Participants of the Contest pay all expenses incurred by them in connection with participation in the Contest (including, without limitation, costs associated with access to the Internet).

7.7. The fact of participation in the Contest means the full consent of the Participants with these Rules of the Contest.