Global Entrepreneurship Week

Almaty’s GEW Conference kicked off on November 18th  with enthusiastic entrepreneurs, students, business and government representatives, and business development funds leasers gathering at the Atakent Exhibition Center.  Consul General T. Grencik delivered opening remarks to more than 300 participants of the forum, which was covered by the local media, noting that “Global Entrepreneurship Week is truly an international celebration of ideas and innovation.  The real engines of sustainable growth are found in the countless small- and medium-sized enterprises in every industry. These are the companies that will help Kazakhstan achieve economic diversification, create new jobs, and develop new technologies to better meet consumers’ needs and solve business problems.”  The week-long forum features coaching sessions for aspiring business and social entrepreneurs, along with displays of start-up projects and ideas covering IT, social entrepreneurship, Green technology and agro sectors.

John “Grizz” Deal, an entrepreneur from Denver with experience in the CIS, spoke to multiple audiences at GEW events at Atakent Business Center and Alma University. Supported by part of a grant to GEW from the U.S. Diplomatic mission in Kazakhstan, Grizz talked about how to build small businesses with decentralized funding, launch socially useful products that solve problems and improve communities, and embrace local identity in product development.