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Grants Notice: Go Viral Network & Festival
April 23, 2021

This funding opportunity seeks to further strengthen the Go Viral network, using a combination of sustained, engaging, member-driven programming across the region, along with technology solutions to better connect and simplify collaboration among members. The grantee will plan and coordinate in-person and online events across the region throughout the year, showcasing expertise and best practices from the United States, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe.

The grantee should actively recruit key influencers in media/business/culture/and technology – particularly individuals who have built a significant social media audience – to play active roles within the network. The grantee should provide a platform for Go Viral members themselves to propose and lead innovative activities consistent with Go Viral goals and standards. The grantee should leverage technology as needed to maintain a contact database, communicate regularly with members, facilitate engagement, and incorporate external applications and social media properties. Finally, the grantee will work closely with U.S. Mission Public Affairs sections and American Spaces in the region to further connect influencers and align programming efforts.

Project Goal:  Enhance regional connectivity, support economic development, and strengthen civil society in Central Asia by creating and sustaining deep partnerships among an emerging generation of innovative Central Asian thought leaders

Project Audiences: Civic-minded Central Asian influencers (ages 16-40); media professionals

Project Objectives:

·        Objective 1: Build an active, engaged community among Go Viral members, facilitating increased networking and collaboration of professionals across Central Asia and internationally, including by increasing the number of member-driven events in key cities across Central Asia.

·        Objective 2: Increase the ability of Go Viral members to produce constructive, “viral” content related to business, media, culture, technology, or social issues by engaging with leading social media influencers and Social Media Marketing (SMM) experts who can function as core network members, consultants, and/or trainers.

·        Objective 3: Produce and amplify content that raises the profile of Go Viral members, inspires innovation, and elevates the Go Viral brand.

·        Objective 4: Unite Go Viral Network members, both virtually and in person when possible, through dynamic regional and country-specific Festivals featuring leading innovators from Central Asia, the United States, and Eastern Europe.

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