Holiday Calendar

The U.S. Mission in Kazakhstan will observe the following American and local holidays in 2023

January 2 Monday New Year’s Day U.S./KAZ
January 3 Tuesday New Year’s Day (in lieu of January 1) KAZ
January 16 Monday Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. U.S.
February 20 Monday Washington’s Birthday U.S.
March 8 Wednesday Women’s Day KAZ
March 21 Tuesday Nauryz KAZ
March 22 Wednesday Nauryz KAZ
March 23 Thursday Nauryz KAZ
May 1 Monday Unity Day KAZ
May 8 Monday Defender’s Day (in lieu of May 7) KAZ
May 9 Tuesday Victory Day KAZ
May 29 Monday Memorial Day U.S.
June 19 Monday Juneteenth U.S.
June* TBD Kurban Ait (Eid al-Adha) KAZ
July 4 Tuesday Independence Day U.S.
July 6 Thursday Capital Day KAZ
August 30 Wednesday Constitution Day KAZ
September 4 Monday Labor Day U.S.
October 9 Monday Columbus Day U.S.
October 25 Wednesday Republic Day KAZ
November 10 Friday Veterans Day U.S.
November 23 Thursday Thanksgiving Day U.S.