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U.S. Mission Holidays

The U.S. Mission in Kazakhstan will observe the following American and local holidays in 2023.

January 2MondayNew Year’s DayU.S./KAZ
January 3TuesdayNew Year’s Day (in lieu of January 1)KAZ
January 16MondayBirthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.U.S.
February 20MondayWashington’s BirthdayU.S.
March 8WednesdayWomen’s DayKAZ
March 21TuesdayNauryzKAZ
March 22WednesdayNauryzKAZ
March 23ThursdayNauryzKAZ
May 1MondayUnity DayKAZ
May 8MondayDefender’s Day (in lieu of May 7)KAZ
May 9TuesdayVictory DayKAZ
May 29MondayMemorial DayU.S.
June 19MondayJuneteenthU.S.
June 28WednesdayKurban Ait (Eid al-Adha)KAZ
July 4TuesdayIndependence DayU.S.
July 6ThursdayCapital DayKAZ
August 30WednesdayConstitution DayKAZ
September 4MondayLabor DayU.S.
October 9MondayColumbus DayU.S.
October 25WednesdayRepublic DayKAZ
November 10FridayVeterans DayU.S.
November 23ThursdayThanksgiving DayU.S.
December 18MondayIndependence Day (in lieu of December 16)KAZ
December 25MondayChristmas DayU.S.