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Kazakhstani Military Personnel at Arizona National Guard’s Best Warrior Competition 2020
March 6, 2020

Congratulations to Kazakhstani soldiers MSG Pavel Shishkin, SGT Yertilek Bekbolatov, and SGT Nurbol Dauletov for their hard work and and warrior spirit in the Arizona National Guard (AZNG) Best Warrior Competition-2020 and Information Exchange, which took place on March 2-5 across 4 Arizona National Guard training sites. These events were part of the State Partnership Program between Kazakhstan and the state of Arizona. Established in 1993, this partnership is one of the original 13 partnerships of the program. Previous Kazakh visits to Arizona have included military police operations, vehicle maintenance support, aviation operations, aircraft maintenance, and non-commissioned officer development programs.

SGT Yertilek Bekbolatov and SGT Nurbol Dauletov won 1st place and 2nd place, respectively, in the Obstacle Course and Ruck March events. All three Kazakhstani soldiers also excelled in land navigation, a weapons event, the Army Combat Fitness Test, and Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) Close Quarters Battle (CQB) events.

MSG Pavel Shishkin, SGT Bekbolatov, and SGT Dauletov demonstrated a high level of achievement and represented their country with distinction.

Date: 2-5 March 2020

Location/venue: Phoenix, Arizona – Papago Park Military Reservation; Bellemont, Arizona – Camp Navajo Training Site; Florence, Arizona – Florence Training site


  • ACFT
  • Land Navigation
  • Obstacle Course
  • Ruck March
  • MOUT Tactical Close Quarters Battle (CQB)
  • Weapons event
  • Board appearance/Written testing/Public interview

KZ participants:

  • MSG Pavel Shishkin, Senior NCO

KZ achievements:

  • SGT Yertilek Bekbolatov – 1st place in Obstacle Course and Ruck March
  • SGT Nurbol Dauletov – 2nd place in Obstacle Course and Ruck March
  • Both performed well on Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT), Land Navigation
  • Both learned a lot in the Military Operations Urban Terrain (MOUT) Tactical event, Weapons event and Board Appearance, Public Interview.