Mission hosts Kazakhstan Country Council Meeting of the Overseas Security Advisor Council. 

The Embassy’s Regional Security Office (RSO) and the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) hosted an Country Council meeting, welcoming over fifty participants from the U.S. private sector working in Kazakhstan.  Ambassador Krol delivered the keynote address, hailing the U.S.-Kazakhstan partnership and re-affirming the U.S. commitment to supporting the safety and security of U.S. private sector companies and their personnel via OSAC.  OSAC’s Washington-based analyst and program officer explained how OSAC can be used as a resource, and Consul Deborah Miller briefed participants on the State Department travel advisory notification system.  Director of the Trafficking in Persons Training Center at the Karaganda Legal Academy (Ministry of Internal Affairs) Zhangali Kenbayev, presented on how the hotel and airline industries can help identify and counter human trafficking.  Timur Baiguzhinov from International SOS briefed on general security precautions.