Official Statement of the U.S. Embassy regarding the tragic death of children adopted from Kazakhstan

Kazakhstani children

The United States Mission in Kazakhstan is shocked and saddened by the recent tragic and senseless deaths of two teenage boys, who were born in Kazakhstan and adopted by an American family. This incident joins the people of Kazakhstan and the United States in common grief. American law enforcement authorities are still determining the exact circumstances and cause of this homicide. The U.S. Mission has been in touch with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Astana, as has the U.S. Department of State with the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Washington. As we do for cases concerning the welfare of children adopted abroad, we will continue to facilitate communication between Kazakhstani officials and the appropriate state and local authorities, who have primary jurisdiction over child welfare issue. The U.S. Mission would like to stress that the vast majority of the over 6,600 children from Kazakhstan adopted by Americans live peaceful lives, benefiting from and contributing to American communities across the country.


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