Opening of the international peacekeeping exercise “Steppe Eagle- 2014”

The “Steppe Eagle 2014” international peacekeeping exercise was launched at Kazakhstan’s peacekeeping brigade KAZBRIG on September 24.  Kazakhstani peacekeeping personnel are heading off to Germany, where they will participate in exercises with counterparts from the United States, the UK, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. U.S. Ambassador John Ordway delivered opening remarks to congratulate KAZBRIG and welcome all the participants of the peacekeeping exercise. The peacekeeping exercise will help participants gain experience and improve combat skills when performing peacekeeping operations.  “Over the past decade, I have personally observed many iterations of Exercise Steppe Eagle, and during that time I have witnessed this unique multinational event develop and grow.  As a multi-lateral exercise led by Kazakhstan, the UK, and the U.S., Steppe Eagle has always reflected its participants’ desire and willingness to contribute to peace and stability around the world”, said U.S. Ambassador John Ordway.