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Passport Delivery Information
July 12, 2023

Passport Delivery Information

Newly issued U.S. passports are mailed to the Embassy/Consulate and must be picked up from the Embassy/Consulate by the applicant or by their representative. The Embassy/Consulate does not provide courier services nor deliver passports to applicants inside or outside of Kazakhstan. If desired, a passport applicant may arrange courier delivery themselves, but it is the applicants’ responsibility to contact the courier and make appropriate arrangements. Passport pick up time will be indicated in the notification an applicant receives when the passport is ready for pick up.

Note that if you prefer to have the new passport returned by courier, your current passport will be cancelled and returned to you during the passport appointment. U.S. citizens considering courier delivery should carefully consider whether they are able to stay in Kazakhstan without a valid passport during the processing and delivery time of the new passport, which could take up to four weeks.