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Passport for children under 16
July 12, 2023

Passport for children under 16

In general, both parents and the child need to appear in person to apply for both first and renewal passports.  Applicants must bring with them to their appointments:

  • DS-11 Passport Application Form 
  • One two inch by two inch (five cm. by five cm.) professional quality color photo taken against a white background (eyeglasses are not permitted)
  • Child’s birth certificate (original and a copy)
  • Child’s expiring passport, if relevant (original and a copy)
  • Both parents’ passports (original and a copy)
  • Application fee ($135)
  • Prove of child’s identity. As a child’s appearance may change significantly over time, the consular officer may ask for additional proof of identity. Examples of items that can be used to establish a child’s identity include: passport issued by another country (original and a copy), school ID card with photo, age progression photos (i.e., a series of family photographs taken at various ages since the child’s last passport was issued–for example, if the child is now five years old and the passport was issued shortly after his/her birth, bring family photos showing the child at ages one, two, three and four). Please note: you will not be able to bring any electronic devices into the Consular Section, so please have photos printed out for review.

Note: Original passports and birth certificates are returned to applicants immediately after their interviews.

If a parent or guardian is unable to appear in person with a child applicant, they must provide a Statement of Consent (form DS-3053).

  • In such cases, the signature of the absent parent on Form DS-3053 must be notarized.
  • The notary who notarized the absent parent’s signature must properly notate the parent’s ID information on Form DS-3053.
  • A photocopy of the non-present parent’s identification is required along with their written consent.
  • The Statement of Consent must have been signed and notarized within 90 days of the passport appointment.
  • Parents applying for their child’s first U.S. passport should also review the section on Birth registration .