Remarks by Ambassador George Krol at the opening of the U.S.A. Pavilion at EXPO ‘17

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen!  As Ambassador of the United States of America and Commissioner of the United States Pavilion to the Astana Expo, I am pleased, excited and honored to welcome you to the ribbon cutting of the U.S. Pavilion

Not so many months ago, we were very unsure whether the United States would have a pavilion to open here today.

Without the strong commitment and hard work of so many people, including many of you here today, this pavilion would not have been possible.

First, I am grateful to my colleagues at the U.S. State Department, who worked long and hard to obtain former Secretary of State Kerry’s approval to have this pavilion.

I thank APCO and the staff of the U.S.A. Pavilion, who took up the challenge of organizing this pavilion.

I thank the talented people at BRC who designed this spectacular exhibit.

My very special thanks goes to our global sponsors Chevron and GE, and to our other wonderful partners and donors, who made it financially possible to have this pavilion.

I am particularly grateful to the leadership of the Astana Expo and to the Government of Kazakhstan, without whose patience and substantial support this pavilion would not have been possible.

I thank the Eurasia Foundation who selected the talented Student Ambassadors who are here today.  I am grateful to the Student Ambassadors themselves who have come from far away to represent our country at this pavilion.  Finally, I want to thank my Mission colleagues, who worked many long hours to assist this creation every step of the way.  I am deeply proud of each of you.

Ladies and gentlemen, this Expo is a symbol of Kazakhstan’s energy and vision.  The United States is proud to be a part of it.

While this pavilion represents the United States, it truly is a joint U.S.-Kazakhstani effort reflecting the strong partnership we have built and nurtured now for over 25 years, and not only in the energy field.  This pavilion is our joint success and a symbol of our joint commitment to each other and to the future, not only of energy but of the dynamic relationship between our two countries.

I hope all who visit this pavilion will have a truly positive experience and appreciate the vitality, the innovation, and the creativity of our companies, but particularly of our people, who are indeed the source of America’s infinite energy.

Thank you.