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Renew an Adult Passport
July 12, 2023

Renew an Adult Passport

In general, applicants are required to bring the following to their appointments:

  • DS-82 passport application form *
  • Applicant’s expiring passport (original and a copy)
  • One two-inch by two-inch (five cm. by five cm.) professional quality color photo taken against a white background (eyeglasses are not permitted)
  • Application fee ($130)

Note: Original passports are returned to applicants immediately after their interviews.

*NB:  If an applicant’s last passport was issued before he/she reached the age of 16 or the passport was issued more than 15 years ago, the applicant is required to complete the DS-11 passport application  instead of the DS-82 .  The fee for this service is also slightly higher, at $165 instead of $130.