Secretary of State Rex Tillerson remarks for Astana EXPO-2017


I am Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. It is my pleasure to join you in celebrating a strong relationship United States in Kazakhstan have built over the past 25 years. I thank President Nazarbayev and people of Kazakhstan for being outstanding host of EXPO 2017 and many other events in Astana this summer. I hope all of you take time to visit our USA pavilion. Kazakhstan has been an important leader in global energy economy. The developments of Tengiz and Kashagan oil field were historic for Kazakhstan and for the United States. They will remain key strategic elements in our relationship for decades to come. Kazakhstan has also been an important contributor to nuclear non-proliferation. President Nazarbayev  set strong decision to eliminate his country’s nuclear arsenal to establish Kazakhstan as a partner for United States and an example to the world in non-proliferation efforts. The United States appreciates Kazakhstan’s support for our security efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our strategic partnership continues as we work together to defeat ISIS. And now, as partners on UN Security Council, we have even more ways to work together to address challenges to stability and world piece. Over the past 25 years Kazakhstan has made major strives to put its social, economic and political system on the path to democracy and respect for human rights. We encourage Kazakhstan to continue reforms and its commitment to democracy, religious tolerance and free speech. When I spoke with my friend president Nazarbayev in May, we talked about the future between United States and Kazakhstan. As we celebrate 25 years of partnership today, I encourage you to look ahead the next 25 years. I hope our relationship will continue to thrive in economic, security and cultural bounds will remain strong.

Thank you and I look to see you soon.