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Speaker’s Bureau

The U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Kazakhstan supports an active speakers bureau, the purpose of which is to share information about the United States with audiences in Kazakhstan.

Each year, around six U.S. Visiting Speakers, 100 Mission Outreach Speakers, and 12-20 Alumni Speakers address hundreds of different audiences, comprising thousands of listeners at numerous institutions in more than a dozen cities across Kazakhstan.

The speakers bureau will welcome your questions, comments, and proposals at KazakhstanSpeakers@state.gov.


U.S. Visiting Speakers are American subject-matter experts who travel to Kazakhstan from the United States or a third country to address specific audiences on topics of contemporary concern.  In recent years, U.S. Visiting Speakers have included the following individuals:

Peter Corbett – Founder and CEO of iStrategyLabs – Entrepreneurship

Tanya Holland – Executive Chef and Owner of Brown Sugar Kitchen in Oakland, CA – Culinary diplomacy program

Tim Naftali – Professor of History and Public Policy at New York University – U.S.-Kazakhstan cooperation during WWII (Part of our One Victory Campaign to commemorate 70th anniversary of Victory Day)

Scott Ganske, Senior Director of Education at Youth Service America – Volunteerism

The U.S. Diplomatic Mission welcomes proposals for speaker programs from Kazakhstani institutions and individuals.  If you would like to propose a program, please use the following resource to submit the necessary information.