State Department Officials Support Development of Kazakhstani Media and Culture

In a visit to Astana June 15-16, Coordinator of International Information Programs Macon Phillips and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Eileen O’Connor met with hundreds of people active in media and culture.  In a discussion with 130 patrons at the American Corner, Coordinator Phillips drew on his experience as social media advisor for the Obama Administration and presidential campaigns to share practical tips about using digital media to sustain networks, and DAS O’Connor answered questions about U.S. policy in the region.  During their time in Astana, Coordinator Phillips and DAS O’Connor also met with government officials, directors of major television and radio stations, and with Nazarbayev University.  Topics of discussion ranged from U.S. support for “EXPO – 2017” to massive open online courses (MOOCs) to the growth of Kazakhstani media studios.  They had opportunities to meet with members of the rising generation of Kazakhstani leaders, including numerous young professionals in government, state companies, academia, entrepreneurship, and civil society.  In an interview with BNews, Coordinator Phillips complimented Astana’s innovative architecture and expressed his great fondness for Kazakhstan.