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The Regional English Language Office is pleased to offer FREE resources for teachers of English.

👩‍🏫Resources for TEACHERS OF ENGLISH

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on Teaching with Education Technology and more! Self–paced MOOCs offer participants the opportunity to take MOOCs at their own pace. However, there are suggested enrollment schedules to help participants structure their learning.

Webinars (featuring Education Technology methods!) live streaming at the American English for Educators Facebook page. American English for Educators is a Facebook page that provides global English language educators relevant TEFL/TESOL-related information, including professional development opportunities and practical classroom materials.

The English Teaching Forum has lesson plans, worksheets and ideas to engage your students.English Teaching Forum is a quarterly journal supporting the teaching of English around the world through the publication of innovative, practical ideas. It is published by the U.S. Department of State. Over 60,000 copies of the magazine are distributed in more than 100 countries.

American English at State has games, reading materials, videos and more for your classes. Check out their YouTube page, too! American English is a resource center for teaching and learning about American English language and culture. This website provides a variety of engaging materials and resources for teachers’ professional development and for students in the classroom. Both teachers and students will find new ways to practice English and learn more about the United States.

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