Voices From Xinjiang: Eating with the students and sleeping in the classrooms at night

ZHEMISGUL: I’m a hairdresser in Taldy-Kurgan. Makeup, hair, skincare. SUNGKAR: I’m in college in Almaty. I’m a philosophy student. But I was still a schoolboy when our parents went to China. It was March 2017. I was in eleventh grade. Our family had some land that had been given to us by the government. My parents farmed ...
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He is a loner, shy and modest (Voices from Xinjiang)

Yerzat is an artist. He paints saturated landscapes of mountains and yurt-dotted meadows peopled by the nomadic warriors of centuries past. The village of his birth lies in the northernmost corner of Xinjiang, near the mountains that cross into modern-day Mongolia and Russia. There was no reason. You have to understand—none. My brother never committed ...
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Voices from Xinjiang: Only then did we start to live decently

One wall of Atajurt’s office is covered with photographs of the known missing: hundreds of faces, maybe a thousand. Khalida, a small, persistent woman in her sixties, pulls me over to a corner to show me her family members. “Here,” she says. “And here, and here, and here, and here…” A small hamlet called Karagash is ...
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