U.S. Ambassador George A. Krol’s Remarks at the celebration of the Independence Day of the USA

Respected guests and dear friends!

Thank you all for coming here today to celebrate with us 240 years of the independence of the United States of America.

When the United States declared its independence on July 4, 1776,  many doubted those former colonies would succeed in establishing their independence and later would remain unified or even establish a strong prosperous nation.

240 years later, Americans are proud of our accomplishments but we also recognize much more still needs to done to perfect our society and fulfill the ideals of freedom and equality embodied in the American Declaration of Independence.  240 years later America still remains an experiment and still faces many challenges internally and externally.

But the secret of America’s endurance over these past 240 years,  I believe, has been our willingness to change, to experiment, to innovate and to empower people to determine their own paths.

My friends, this year we also celebrate 25 years of Kazakhstan’s independence and 25 years since the United States became one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with Kazakhstan.

The United States and Kazakhstan share much in common.  We are large countries with equally large aspirations.   We are strategic partners in trade, politics and the search for durable peace in a prosperous, tolerant  world free from weapons of mass destruction.

Kazakhstan has accomplished much since becoming independent.  Like America, Kazakhstan too has faced and continues to face many challenges internally and externally.  But also like America, Kazakhstan’s future and hope resides in empowering its people with education and responsible freedom.  We encourage Kazakhstan’s efforts to determine its own path as a sovereign independent state in building a strong diversified economy and a society that values diversity and personal freedoms just as the ancestors of many of today’s Kazakhstanis valued their freedom.

Today, as Americans and Kazakhstanis reflect on our respective independence anniversaries, let us all re-dedicate ourselves to the sacred ideals given to us by our ancestors.

Despite all the turmoil and challenges we face in the world today, let us take hope in the human spirit and work together as partners respecting our diversity to build a safe, prosperous and peaceful world for all.

Happy Independence Day America!

Happy Independence Day Kazakhstan!

I wish all of you and your families strong health, peace and prosperity.

Thank you for your kind attention.