U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan George Krol issues statement

The New York Times on January 5 reported on an order for U.S. ambassadors to leave their posts by January 20.  That order only affects non career political appointees, not career ambassadors.  This is a standard policy when there is a change of Administrations in the United States.

Politically-appointed ambassadors are not members of the Сareer Foreign Service of the United States.  Political appointees represent approximately one-third of all U.S. ambassadors worldwide.  The remaining two-thirds of ambassadors are members of the Career Foreign Service of the United States.  Ambassador Krol, as a career ambassador, will continue serving as U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan now and after January 20.

The United States remains committed to promoting peace, stability, and prosperity in the region and globally.  In 2017, we look forward to deepening our long-standing partnership with Kazakhstan and continuing to broaden our many spheres of engagement.