U.S. Consulate General Opens a New American Corner in Almaty

ALMATY, January 22 — The U.S. Consulate General launched a new American Corner in Almaty in partnership with the State Children’s Library named after S.Begalin. The American Corner in Almaty just relocated to the State Children’s Library after a full renovation and redesign. Featuring modern facilities, new technical equipment and even more information resources, the new American Corner in Almaty is open from 9am until evening every day, and is free and open to the public. Ambassador John Ordway, Chargé d’affaires a.i of the U.S. Embassy delivered opening remarks at the ceremony. Representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Almaty City Akimat, Chevron Corporation and Steelcase Company also participated in the ceremony.

“Libraries are an important institution in any society and offer free access to information to the public, a necessity to make democracy and civil society function,” said U.S. Ambassador John Ordway, Chargé d’Affaires, a.i., during his remarks. “The American Corner we open today has a new style and design, so that everyone can enjoy reading, practicing English with native speakers or getting online in its new interior. This project is a true partnership and having watched it start in Kazakhstan several years ago, I am pleased to see it flourishing and expanding here in Almaty.”

The American Corners are a joint project between the U.S. Mission to Kazakhstan and public libraries. They feature English-language collections of American fiction and reference books on the U.S. government, history and culture. In addition American Corners provide access to the Internet and host a range of events and activities every month. The American Corner in Almaty hosts 40 programs and has over 600 visitors each month. There are eleven American Corners across Kazakhstan, and their goal is to tell the story of the United States, maintain an open dialogue and build bridges of mutual understanding between the U.S. and Kazakhstan. Resources found at the American Corner help individuals expand their skills and understand American values.

The renovation of the American Corner in Almaty was possible due to the support of the State Children’s Library, American designer Olga Snowden, Steelcase Company, Chevron Corporation and the Almaty City Akimat. For more information about American Corners please visithttp://www.amcorners.kz/ . The address of the new American Corner in Almaty is the State Children’s Library, 27 Tole bi Street (corner Dostyk Avenue).

For media enquiries, please contact Gauhar Mukaman or Aigerim Begaliyeva in the Public Affairs Section of the USCG Almaty at 250 4862; 250 4814; email: MukamanG@state.govBegaliyevaA@state.gov