U.S. Mission to Kazakhstan Launches New Small Grants Program

Astana – The U.S. Mission to Kazakhstan is pleased to announce the launch of the U.S. Embassy Small Grants Program (SGP) for qualified Kazakhstani non-governmental organizations and civil society groups. Through the Small Grants Program organizations can cover expenses for seminars, workshops, conferences, roundtable discussions, trainings, campaigns to engage the public in socially valuable activities, advocacy for solving societal issues, monitoring of current legislation implementation, development of proposals for legislative changes, research, surveys, related analytical work, etc.  The maximum funding for each project is $30,000.

The Small Grants Program will award funding to Kazakhstani non-governmental, non-commercial organizations for specific projects aimed at developing civil society in Kazakhstan.  The SGP will accept project proposals related to the following themes: promotion of free flow of information, rule of law and legal reform, civil society and association building, public education and advocacy, protection of human rights, environment, and promotion of diversity and tolerance.

The Small Grants Program application will include two stages.  During the first stage, potential applicants will submit a brief concept paper, outlining the societal problem to be addressed, project goals and objectives, experience and sustainability of the organization, target audience, and estimated budget.  The concept paper may be submitted in English, Kazakh, or Russian.  After reviewing the concept papers, the SGP Program Committee will invite selected organizations to proceed to the second stage of the application process and submit a complete, detailed grant application.

The deadline for submission of concept papers is February 28, 2015.

For more information, visit: http://kazakhstan.usembassy.gov/grants.html.

For submission and specific questions about the Small Grants Program, please send your inquiries to SGP-Kazakhstan@state.gov, or contactprogram coordinators Dina Amrisheva at +7 /7172/ 70 22 17 in Astana or Dinara Karkabayeva at +7 /727/ 250 48 56 in Almaty.