U.S. Mission to Kazakhstan Launches “One Victory” Campaign Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Allied Victory in in WWII

The U.S. Mission to Kazakhstan invites all to a series of events commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Allied Victory in the WWII. The events, under the title “One Victory”, include an exhibition of rare photos from the war, demonstration of films, presentation by a historian on interaction between the Allied Forces during the WWII and a jazz concert.   

Photo exhibition: devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Allied Victory will feature rare photos from the Kazakhstani National Archives and the U.S. National Archives. The exhibition includes photos of Kazakhstanis and Americans who fought side by side during the war and life on the Kazakhstani and U.S. home fronts, achievements of women during the war and interaction between the Allied Forces whose sacrifices and struggles made victory possible. The exhibition is also an opportunity to hear untold stories and see a declassified map displaying routes used by Allied Forces to transport supplies through the Kazakh SSR to the Soviet Union and China.

  • Almaty: The exhibition will open on 6th May at the State Museum of Arts named after Kasteyev, Koktem-3, and house 22/1 and held till 28th May;
  • Astana: The grand opening of the exhibition in Astana will be held at the Kazakh National Museum at 11:00 on May 16th, with the participation of the Ari Roland jazz group. The exhibition will work May 6-28. The exhibition will continue in 11 other towns.

Jazz group:  The Ari Roland Quartet will perform songs popular both in the USA and the Kazakh SSR during WWII. The concerts will be held in:

  • Almaty: on 9th May 2015 at the park named after 28th Soldiers of General Panfilov’s Division, at 11:00;
  • Kzyl-Orda: at the Central Park at 20:00 on 10th May, 2015;
  • Uralsk: at the Youth Palace, 60 Karbyshev St, at 1900, free entrance;
  • Astana: at the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, 57 Tauelsizdik St, at 19:00, free tickets can be downloaded fromhttps://ticketon.kz/event/dzhazovaya-gruppa-ari-rolanda/ 

Historical presentation:  Eminent historian Dr. Timothy Naftali has a PhD from Harvard University and is the former director of the Richard M. Nixon presidential library. He will deliver lecturers in

  • Astana: On 18th May at the Eurasian National University named after Gumilev at 11:00 and at the Kazakh Humanitarian-Legal University at 14:00;
  • Almaty: On 20th May at the State Museum of Arts named after Kasteyev at 17:00.

On 21st May at the American corner of the State Children’s Library named after S.Begalin at 17:00.


For further information and press related issues please contact:

U.S. Embassy in Astana: Gulmira Shalabekova  at +7 (7172) 70 22 16 and Zarina Karimova at

+7 (7172) 70 23 83.

U.S. Consulate General in Almaty: Gauhar Mukaman at +7 (727) 250 48 62 and Aigerim Begaliyeva at +7 (727) 250 48 14.