U.S. Mission to Kazakhstan Launches “One Victory” Campaign Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Allied Victory in the Second World War

The U.S. Mission to Kazakhstan has launched a series of programs under the title “One Victory” to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Allied Victory in the Second World War. The U.S. Mission to Kazakhstan is organizing cultural events to celebrate the WWII era and honors the generation of Kazakhstanis and Americans whose sacrifices and struggles made victory possible, as well as supporting local organizations to record and preserve veterans’ stories so the memory of their sacrifices will be understood and respected by future generations.

The following activities will be supported by the U.S. Mission to Kazakhstan:

  • Photo exhibition:  The climax of the commemorative programs will be a major exhibition featuring never-before-seen photos from the Kazakhstani National Archives and the U.S. National Archives. The exhibition will include photos of the struggle on the front lines, the achievements of women during the war, life on the Kazakhstani and U.S. home fronts, and cooperation between the United States and the Soviet Union, including the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR).  The exhibition will feature Kazakhstani and U.S. heroes, untold stories, and a declassified map displaying routes used by Allied Forces to transport supplies through the Kazakh SSR to the Soviet Union and China.  The photo exhibition will open in Almaty and Astana in early May, and then continue in other cities throughout Kazakhstan.
  • Living histories:  In February, the Council of WWII Veterans will also meet virtually (via Skype) with representatives of the U.S.-based organization “Veterans of Foreign Wars” to discuss international best practices in honoring and preserving the memories of veterans worldwide.  Throughout March and April, the “Council of WWII Veterans” and Access Microscholarship English Language Programs will each organize student volunteers to document the memories and experiences of veterans and share them with their schools.
  • WWII film series:  In partnership with local cinemas, U.S. feature films documenting life during the WWII era will be shown free of charge throughout April.
  • 1940’s jazz group:  The Ari Roland Quartet will visit Kazakhstan April 20-28 to perform in Almaty, Astana, and selected other cities in Kazakhstan for veterans and the general public. The group will highlight songs popular in both the United States and the Kazakh SSR during WWII.
  • WWII Documentary:  The “Heritage” Association of Afghan Veterans is producing a documentary film featuring WWII veterans recounting their part in the victory and will make the program available for broadcast throughout Kazakhstan.
  • Historical presentation:  Eminent historian Dr. Timothy Naftali will deliver lectures on cooperation between Allied Forces during WWII in Astana and Almaty in May.  Dr. Naftali has a PhD from Harvard University and is the former director of the Richard M. Nixon presidential library.
  • Social media campaign and website:  From February through May, the U.S. Mission will regularly post photos, infographics, and other information about World War II on the Embassy and Consulate’s Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and Instagram pages.  A special website will chronicle all of the posts and commemorative activities.


For media enquiries, please contact:  

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+7 777 227 4416, +7 775 385 8128, and emails: MukamanG@state.gov;BegaliyevaA@state.gov     

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