U.S. Mission to Kazakhstan Plants Trees to Mark Earth Day

Astana – In cooperation with the Akimat, the U.S. Mission to Kazakhstan will plant trees in Astana to mark the 45th anniversary of Earth Day celebrated throughout the world on April 22 at 12.00.

For the past five years, the U.S. Embassy in Astana and the Akimat have planted trees in public locations around Astana. Last year, the Embassy planted trees at the Palace of Children.  This year trees are being planted in a park at Tauelsizdik Street, behind the National museum.

Discussing his plans to participate in the upcoming tree planting ceremony, Ambassador George Krol said: “We should all do our part to celebrate the planet we share. By making simple changes in our everyday lives, we can make every day Earth Day. There are many ways to improve our own small part of the planet: We can plant trees; switch off the lights when we leave the room; reduce paper use at home and work; replace disposable goods with renewable ones.  The U.S. Embassy is committed to such green policies. The coming Expo-2017, hosted by Kazakhstan, is also a wonderful opportunity for all of us to renew our commitment to the environment.”