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United States Bans Imports of Russian Oil, Liquefied Natural Gas, and Coal
March 10, 2022

On March 8, President Biden signed an Executive Order to ban the import of Russian oil, liquefied natural gas, and coal to the United States.  This is a significant action that will further deprive President Putin of the economic resources he uses to continue his barbaric war of choice against Ukraine.

This order does not prohibit dealing in Kazakhstani crude oil of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (“CPC”) because distribution systems such as those within the CPC can segregate various sources of crude oil, allowing crude oil that is not of Russian Federation origin to be marked and loaded separately.  The import ban applies to the import of certain products of Russian Federation origin to the United States and excludes imports that are not of Russian Federation origin, even if such items transit through or depart from the Russian Federation.

We continue to underscore that our sanctions are targeted at Russia’s economy and designed to mitigate to the extent possible their impact on other economies.  The United States remains committed to partnering with Kazakhstan on a wide range of issues, as we have for over 30 years.

Source: White House