US Mission Honours Young Kazakhstani Cadets

On 15th June the U.S. Embassy is hosting a festive ceremony to celebrate two young Kazakhstanis, one of whom Maksat Nugmanov is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy (West Point) and the other Kazakhstani, Vladislav Gogulya, has chosen aviation and will be joining the U.S. Air Force Academy.

The graduate of U.S. Military Academy (West Point), Maksat Nugmanov, came to the United States as a 17-year-old boy and was the only Kazakhstani at the time who studied at the academy in its 200-year history.  On returning to Kazakhstan he is required to serve for 10 years in Kazakhstan’s military. At West Point he studied engineering. He chose this specialization because of his love of mathematics which he studied at Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Astana. Maksat also co-authored a research paper in the sphere of systemic engineering later published by professional journals. Vladislav Gogulya completed the specialized college Arystan. During his studies, he demonstrated good academic and sports results and was selected for the Academy.

This is part of a special program for training international cadets: up to 60 people from all over the world can study in each of the academies each year, or 4 people from one country. There are 10 students from Kazakhstan at military academies of the USA, including two women. Each cadet will study for 4 years at the academy.

The West Point is one out of 10 best educational establishments in the United States. According to Forbes, four years ago it had better ratings than Harvard University. Among its graduates were two presidents of the United States and presidents of Costa RicaNicaragua and of the Philippines.

The United States Air Force Academy (USAFA or Air Force Academy), is a military academy for officer candidates for the United States Air Force. Upon successful completion of four years of studies, cadets receive a Bachelor’s degree and the gold bar of a Second Lieutenant.

The ceremony was officiated by U.S. Ambassador George A. Krol, and attended by representatives of the Defense Ministry and the parents of the cadets.

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