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Vulnerability Assessment Fundamentals Train-the-Trainer Course
March 27, 2023

DTRA’s* Global Nuclear Security (GNS) Program partnered with Kazakhstan’s nuclear security stakeholders to support a Kazakhstan-led iteration of a training course on nuclear facility vulnerability assessment fundamentals from March 13-17, 2023 at the Nuclear Security Training Center (NSTC) outside of Almaty, Kazakhstan. Kazakhstani instructors modified a U.S.-led iteration of the course originally offered in November 2022. The Kazakhstan-led version incorporated site-specific standard operating procedures into the course material and signals Kazakhstan’s continued integration of new training courses into existing nuclear security training curricula.

This course is part of DTRA GNS’s ongoing train-the-trainer efforts, designed to establish a sustainable and growing nuclear security curriculum and instructor cadre in Kazakhstan, particularly at the NSTC. Course participants are now positioned to instruct this course independently to their peers. Both Kazakhstan and the U.S. continue to identify vulnerability assessment fundamentals as a critical component of a holistic approach to nuclear security.